Modern Knights Updates

After our last play test session at Playcrafting’s Spring Expo we received a lot of player feedback and notice some balancing issues with our latest addition, meleeing.

Meleeing was the most requested feature in our game and our last spring demo we added it. While the melee combat allowed combo attacks and somewhat fancy animations, we felt that it was a bit much for our game. Check out our gif below of the previous version of meleeing.

We found that with a two handed style, meleeing was too overpowered. It was a hit or miss situation; the amount of damage a knight gives to you is equal to the amount of damage you deal (which results in a 3 hit kill).

Instead of focusing on complicated attack patterns – we went back to basics. A much simpler attack combo (left and right strikes) with the ability to block and roll. With this kind of system we can easily scale the complexity of the player’s skills and attacks (akin to Skyrim’s third person combat). For instance, we can add more to the attack combo based on the number of swings a player does.

Above, we switched to a simple right left attack. You can cancel the attack and switch to a block or even roll and evade your enemies. The purpose is to make melee combat more viable and flexible to create intuitive player controls.

So, what of ranged combat?

Ranged combat will still exist in the game. We’re still experimenting with ranged combat, but we’re aiming to not make the game feel like a run and gun kind of game. Something like that will take us time and experimentation, because the questions we ask ourselves are:

  • How do we want the player to react given the situation?
  • Are we giving the player enough options for the said situation?
  • How can we balance the gameplay and make it sufficiently challenging for the player?

Ranged combat still has these hurdles and to do that we need to tweak our knights’ AI to accommodate for ranged combat (e.g. tactics to deploy such as flanking and taking cover). However, we’re taking things step by step and in the upcoming weeks we’ll post more updates on them.

Next Steps

So with that all said what’s the next immediate goal for our game? Well, there are two large expos this summer, Otakon and Play NYC.

From August 11th – 13th, we’ll be in the video game section at Otakon! So if you’re in the DC area, drop by video game section of Otakon, we hope to see you there!

We’ll provide more details for Play NYC which will be happening August 19th – 20th. So stay tuned for more updates!


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