Dani AI v1.1 Update

We’re happy to announce that Dani AI is updated and published on the SELRES_f293b73c-d43f-4e06-9b9d-689d986dc5b4SELRES_da64acfe-5d32-4fb0-bf00-c0fe072ce9f0SELRES_6f151572-3815-4628-b422-071309bde7a9SELRES_33efaa19-25b6-4597-a858-b1f601a443ceSELRES_1ad3ed5a-ae11-4c8d-a3de-514ef145fdc4SELRES_431021c7-29ef-452d-a9af-35abaed20751SELRES_372a7a06-b9af-434e-b3b3-c958380121a5Unity Asset StoreSELRES_372a7a06-b9af-434e-b3b3-c958380121a5SELRES_431021c7-29ef-452d-a9af-35abaed20751SELRES_1ad3ed5a-ae11-4c8d-a3de-514ef145fdc4SELRES_33efaa19-25b6-4597-a858-b1f601a443ceSELRES_6f151572-3815-4628-b422-071309bde7a9SELRES_da64acfe-5d32-4fb0-bf00-c0fe072ce9f0SELRES_f293b73c-d43f-4e06-9b9d-689d986dc5b4!

Here is an overview of what’s new:

Gizmos In Edit Mode

Originally, Dani AI was only able to render gizmos in Play Mode.  While it was useful when playtesting the game, the gizmos would simply disappear, leaving the visual tools to the imagination of whoever is behind the screen.

Instead, we introduced an attribute to display gizmos whenever an AIBrain is selected in the Hierarchy.  This way, you can more easily play with AI values in Edit Mode before playtesting those values.

Selecting a GameObject containing the AIBrain now shows gizmos in Edit Mode

Gizmos displaying the current changes in the field of view of the Kyle agent in Edit Mode.

Improved Editor Performance

We managed to improve editor performance by reducing its garbage collection load by around 8%.  As a result, the editor is much more responsive on weaker computers.  Do note that our runtime framework itself produces no garbage.

Additionally, with the introduction of UIElements in Unity 2017.1, we are currently experimenting with the new API.  Early results are promising, and expect a blog post about it in the future!

Bug Fixes

Lastly, we fixed the following issues in the editor and the included Demo:

  • Fixed copy/paste buffer working only once per copy
  • Improved root-motion animation syncing with AI
  • Fixed a bug where restarting the demo in-game would throw errors about the HUD not existing.



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